13 January 2012



COG: Center of Gravity indicator
AFL code by E.M.Pottasch, 2011
translated from: http://chartstudio.whselfinvest.com/files/CenterGravity_0.ctl

another translation of COG. This code faster and also comes with a timer which I will post separately.

About how to use it: there is material on the internet that explains. Note that this indicator repaints. Each time a new data point come in it uses all datapoints in the range to calculate the polynomial fit. So the fit is not stationary. Therefor it looks great but its use in trading is questionable. The chart shows how it is intended to use: The bands are heading up and the price is starting to enter the green zone this is where you buy.
Center of Gravity (COG) indicator, original idea from El Mostafa Belkhayate
Amibroker AFL code by E.M.Pottasch, 2011
Based on code by Fred Tonetti, 2006, n-th order Polynomial fit (see Amibroker Lib)
JohnCW provided Gaussian_Eliminationsv function based on static variables.

COG timing indicator
AFL translation by E.M.Pottasch, 2011
from: http://chartstudio.whselfinvest.com/files/COGTiming.ctl

I cant code just tricks n tweeks(copy past)

Inspired by wisestock n Rakib Bro

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