16 September 2011

Against all odds. Written by Thierry HUITEL. Based on Jim Varney’s work—
CANDLESTOCHASTICS— , and all the amibroker group :-).This Exploration is a
scan for 24 different buy or sell signals that selects days when several
bullish or bearish indicators are triggered at the same time.

Against all odds (draft). Written by Thierry HUITEL o-l—-}
based on Jim Varney’s work— CANDLESTOCHASTICS—
and all the amibroker group :-)

This Exploration is a scan for 24 different buy or sell signals.
The odds are 1 of 6 to get a TWO with a dice. If you try 1000 times, the odds are more than 99%.
The aim of the exploration is to find days when many bullish or bearish signs are triggered at the same time. If 5 indicators give a buy advice, it is more reliable than one.
I invite everybody to add your own systems to these ones, to improve the reliability. And experimented technical analysts could give advices to avoid the trap of using several different indicators all working off the same input data.

Vol Index: this column is the ratio of today’s volume to the 14-day average volume.
This column should be sorted Descending. The best signals are occur when VolIndex is at least 2 or higher.

PCL[up]: Piercing Line, “up” signifies Bullish.
MDS[up]: Morning Doji Star
BLE[up]: Bullish Engulfing
HAM[up]: Hammer
BRE[dn]: Bearish Engulfing, “dn” signifies Bearish.
DCC[dn]: Dark Cloud Cover
EDS[dn]: Evening Doji Star
TDREI[up] & [dn]: Tom DeMark’s Range Expansion Index
KUP[up] & [dn]: Keltner Bands -DIMITRIS TSOKAKIS
RSI[up] & [dn]: Relative Strength Index 14 periods
MFI[up] & [dn]: Money Flow Index
ST2[up] & [dn]: Stochastic Slow – Donald Dalley
DIV[up] & [dn]: % R divergence -DIMITRIS TSOKAKIS
COP[up]: Coppock Curve TJ
SMH[up] & [dn]: smash day pattern. DIMA
CHK[up] & [dn]: Chaikin Money Flow. Thierry Huitel

A “1” in the column signifies TRUE, a “0” indicates no signal.

10 September 2011

SVE Inverse Fisher RSI for Amibroker (AFL)

An excellent indicator for short term signals. Buy when RSI crosses above 50 and sell below 50. Simple…….. Be careful higher values are not overbought and lower values are not oversold.



RSIPer = Param("RSI Period", 4, 2, 30 );
EMAper = Param("EMA Period", 4, 1, 100 );

mwiter = C;
RainbW = 0;
for( i = 0; i < 10; i++ ) { weight = Max( 5 - i, 1 ); mwiter = WMA( mwiter, 2 ); RainbW += weight * mwiter; } RainbW /= 20; x = 0.1 * ( RSIa( RainbW, RSIper ) - 50 ); EMA1 = EMA( x, EMAPer ); EMA2 = EMA( EMA1, EMAPer ); Difference = EMA1 - EMA2; Z1Ema = EMA1 + Difference; ex = exp( 2 * Z1EMA ); y = ( ex - 1 )/( ex + 1 ); invfish = 50 * ( y + 1 ); Plot( invfish, "SVE Inverse Fisher RSI", colorBlue ); PlotOHLC( invfish,invfish,50,invfish, "", IIf(invfish > 50, colorGreen,colorRed ),
styleNoLabel | styleCloud | styleClipMinMax, 12, 88 );

08 September 2011

Cannot open local drive C and D directly

When I try to open my local drive C: it will not open directly, a dialog box will appear and you will select what program you need to use to open the drive? what could be the problem? please help.


I was lucky enuff to have this answer!!!!!
go to run

Type " regedit"

then find " ctrl+f"

in this box write "mountpoints2" and delete it ......

then again press "ctrl+f" again to find all mountpoints2 until ALL of these files are deleted
"there are a few of them!"

Prob solved!

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