03 April 2016

forex daily weekly technical anlysis and my PTZ

this message for all of my mate who think i post many indicator/temp/mt4...my chart is clutter .....

Many Many thanks for your interest and visit/comments/questions and it is really inspire me.I am from Bangladesh GMT+6.I want to clear something first i like simplicity and clear chart/temp but i like to play with different indicator and temp too..AND above all i want to trade according to my PTZ(potential trade zone area/level/pa)and i believe it is must for any trader to open trade and set mind/sentiment either bluish or bearish ,that's all then i play with indi/temp/system/mt4 or not .my principal no set up =no trade .please post in my thread and share your thought anything you find interesting..sharing is caring
 for more information about PTZ  and know about my trading/technical analysis check following links:

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