03 September 2015

tms post

credit to bige n big emm

{quote} hi catlin ..sorry to say .....i gues you didn't read this thread al all..be..coz i am going to ans according to late great BIG E and from page 1!!!! Entries and exits... We Enter a trade when green crosses red on the TDI at the beginning of that candle... If it's candle 3 or more don't enter... find another trade set up. The only exception is if green bounces off red and continues... it's ok to re-enter on the bounce... Exit your trade when the green TDI line goes flat, starts to hook over or makes a check mark reversal. If you add other...
hi catlin and all new tms lover..1st try to forget all your own stg/system ..wish /will...lol AND concentrate on big e's sytem /stg (warrning not your own..most difficult part but without is you cant hope success!!) Again from 1st page by big e I prefer to trade the 4hr charts at night. My broker posts new 4 hr candles at 10pm my time (Pacific), 2am my time and 6am my time. My page when I open up my charts has 8 open charts. I just glance at the TDI for set ups when the new candle opens... If I see a set up... green just crossing red I'll take the...

That would be Big E's post#6 and post #11.



But the problem for many novice traders is in interpreting post#261


and post#647


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