25 August 2011

Volume indi/ Oscillator for Amibroker

As volume levels are increasing, shorter-term volume moving averages will rise above longer-term volume moving averages. This is similar to how shorter-term price moving averages rise above longer-term price moving averages when prices are increasing. Thus, the difference between two volume moving averages of varying lengths (i.e., this indicator) can be used to see if overall volume trends are increasing or decreasing. When the Volume Oscillator rises above zero, it signifies that the shorter-term volume moving average has risen above the longer-term volume moving average, or that the short-term volume trend is higher (i.e., more volume) than the longer-term volume trend.

There are many ways to interpret changes in volume trends. One common belief is that rising prices coupled with increased volume, and falling prices coupled with decreased volume, is bullish. Conversely, if volume increases when prices fall, and volume decreases when prices rise, the market is showing signs of underlying weakness. The theory behind this is straight forward. Rising prices coupled with increased volume signifies increased upside participation (more buyers) that should lead to a continued move. Conversely, falling prices coupled with increased volume (more sellers signifies increased downside participation).

The above information is borrowed from the Metastock help files.

Place this indicator on the same chart as the DMI spread, Demand Index, and Cyclotron indicators. These provide some interesting supporting signals. Of couse, always have a price line somewhere.


Time Segmented Volume for Amibroker (AFL)
TJ has helped me translate the metastock formula of TSV into AB language.

I thought I should share this formulas with other. This indicator uses volume and price, like OBV, but seems to be more reliable indicator then OBV.

In courtesy of The Wordens brothers I like to post the link for study on purpose and usage of this indicator. http://www.tc2000.com/privuser2/ii12118p.htm

By ntk98 – ntk98_2000 [at] yahoo.co.uk

// Time segment value

TSV=(Sum( IIf( C > Ref(C,-1), V * ( C-Ref(C,-1) ),
IIf( C < Ref(C,-1),-V * ( C-Ref(C,-1) ), 0 ) ) ,18)); Plot(TSV,"TSV",1,1); Stochastic %K & Volume for Amibroker (AFL) Quick solution to find Overbrought / Oversold Levels http://www.wisestocktrader.com/indicators/194-stochastic-k-volume

Pivots And Prices And Swing Volume for Amibroker (AFL)

Cumulate the volume for each swing

by Reinsley

Following the S&C "Price+Volume=Price movement by Tom ORD S&C’s document which is stored in Yahoo! Group files and posted in user’s list

Mod of Pivots And Prices formula


Volume Analysis Studies for Amibroker (AFL)

This code studies price/volume based on information from

Master the Markets,








The Three Day Reversal Exploration for Amibroker (AFL)

The three day reversal is a very simple pattern. When the trend is Up or Long; The Three Day Drop and When the trend is Down or Short; The 3 Day Rise.

By Prashanth – prash454 [at] Rediffmail.com


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