06 July 2011

Turtle Trading System:

Turtle Trading System:


Turtle traders used Breakout Style in TA trading. They used a moving average that no one knows that which period of moving average did they used but I prefer 30days WMA OR 40days WMA. The yellow circles shows the breakout sign.There are three Donchian channel , upper AND lower channel is pink colored AND middle channel is bright green colored. Bar candles crossing the middle donchian band having breakout Signal shows the buying time. Bar candles crossing down the middle donchian channel having yellow circle shows the selling time. Always take the signals as a Buy Signal after creating a higher Low AND avoid trying to catch falling knife at lower lows.

Buy Signal:

- Higher Low is created
- Bar candle crossed the middle donchian from below AND yellow circle appears.
- More strong if the bar candle is blue.
- Use Volume spiker to detect the Volume breakout which is most important.
- Use Twiggs Money Flow/ OBV indicator to detect Volume trend. Line crossing -0.10 is a bullish sign.

Sell Signal:

- Close your buying positions when the price breaks down the middle donchian channel AND Volume is bearish.
- Crossing down the 0.10 in Twiggs Money Flow is bearish.

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